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Treasury of Međimurje

Treasury of Međimurje

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What We Do


Graphic & web design

Print design specialists
So you need a business card? OK, we can do that for you but we can do so much more.

Let's talk about branding and why we think it would be good for your business. Brand/business identity makes your company more serious and above all more visible. We can design your new identity and make it pop. From simple print designs like posters, flyers or webpage to everythingyourcustomersee stuff, indoor or outdoor prints, complex webshops or apps.
Your company's new mojo.


Interactive, smart and striking
Can you make that dott go up and down to stand out? Sure, but why not make it sparkle and fly!

You talk, we listen. Then we hit you with ideas for effective multimedia materials that both inform and entertain. We can make everything! From short quirky videos for your Instagram to big projects like museums with interactive walls and signages, VR and 360 videos, levitations, 3D animations and much more.
We collaborate with other creatives (fashion or product photographers, 3D animators, illustrators, all in one creators to producers, fabricators and manufacturers) to bring you all-in-one solutions.
Today is the day we make you stand out!


Shout out to the world
"I want to make a Facebook post so everyone in the world sees it!" So do we.

Expanding awareness is the goal. We will come up with the best solution for your promotion and adapt on the go so that the effect and reach is the best for your company. We can take over all your social media promotion, you focus on what you do best. You need media coverage? No worries, we know who to call, where to go, what to say.
Online or offline, we advise, you decide, we execute.

Much more

Since 2006
More? There isn’t anything more, is there? Ofcourse there is, there is always so much more we can do. We did it for many happy customers and would love to do it for you!

Fashion design, stylist counsulting, interior design, museum exhibition, product design, event organizing, PR, copywriting, SEO, market research, prepress and press control, production and manufacturing.
All the good stuff, right?

"One of the best cooperation we ever had."
- Tourist board of Medimurje County
"Looking forward for new designs for our events."
- KIF Zagreb
"Easy to work with, fast and responsible."
- Wine camp Hazic
"Soooo sweet. Love the design for new library Bus!"
- City of Cakovec
"We love how easy is to work with 3na3 crew."
- Museum of Medimurje Cakovec
We love to design for you! -
We love to design for you! -