TREASURY OF MEĐIMURJE Museum of Intangible Heritage - Čakovec

From the beginning of the world until today, in the area between the rivers Mura and Drava, Međimurje pulsates vividly. It consists of fertile and miniature fields, forests, meadows, pastures, wine-growing hills and about a hundred settlements inhabited by warm, cordial and diligent people. From ancient times, Međimurje valleys and hills are full of Međimurje songs; written, composed, created, painted, played and danced. Over time, whether work days or holidays, exceptional heritage values ​​were created and imprinted in the cultural code of the spirit, mind and heart of Međimurje. Collected from all over the region between the two waters, they found their unique home in the Museum of Intangible Heritage "Treasury of Međimurje" under the roof of the revitalized fortification of the Old Town in Čakovec.

3na3 made:
- 3D video production
- 30 min. documentary production
- online and offline promotion, PR
- prepress and press
- 360 video
- virtual tour
- interactive app
- photography