In the continuation of the Žabnik Visitor Center, in an idyllic natural environment, there is an eco-tourist educational hiking and biking trail "Svetomartinska Mura" which is arranged for walking, cycling, fishing and other recreational activities for all ages.

Along the trail, 20 educational boards have been set up that teach about the Mura River, its importance through history and the biodiversity that lies along it, the history of rock climbing, fishing along the Mura River. Three forest classrooms have been set up on the trail itself, and a wooden bridge over the Mura tributary has been reconstructed.

Along with a walk through untouched nature in the length of almost 5 km, this educational trail also offers a lot of interesting information about the natural and traditional heritage of the area of the significant landscape of the river Mura. There is also a river ferry, a vessel that transports people and vehicles from one river bank to another, without engines, sails or oars.

3na3 made design for educational boards and signposts.